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License Plates
for all vehicles

Are you looking for a license plate, personalised license plate or license plate holder? Then you have come to the right place.

Our solutions

We have been producing Belgium’s official license plates for more than 50 years. Make the most of our experience and production capabilities by ordering top-quality.

Official License Plates

Zenith Graphics is the only authorised supplier of the official rear license plates for all Belgian cars, goods vehicles, motorcycles, speed pedelecs, and so on.

Front License Plates

We can produce up to 7.000 license plates per day. Take advantage of our production capabilities by ordering high-quality.

Personalized License Plates

Want to get creative with your license plates? You can with Zenith Graphics! Drive around with your own personalized license plate or simply give one as a gift.

License Plate Holders

Advertise your brand or company with top-quality, eye-catching license plate holders. We’ll create a design for you, or you can use your own.