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License Plate Holders

Are you a reseller of license plate holders, ordering dozens or hundreds of holders at a time? Or maybe a self-employed person advertising your own business through your license plate holder? We’ll design and manufacture your license plate holders.

In line with the law

Zenith Graphics is the official supplier of Belgian license plates. So it’s only natural that the plate holders that we produce are totally in line with the law, too.

Vibration-free and UV-resistant

Our license plate holders have anti-vibration springs, are UV-resistant and have a protective coat of varnish. Been going to the carwash every week for years? Your number plate holders will always continue to shine!

Plate holder design

The design of your license plate holder needs to reflect the style of your company or brand, while still containing the correct required elements: company name, slogan, telephone number, website, etc.

Choice of designs

Our graphics studio will get to work on your brief to create a gem of a license plate holder. Want to use your own design? Then go to the ‘plate holders’ module at our webshop.