How do we work ?

Zenith Graphics adopts a five-step plan in its approach to every project, guaranteeing full service in terms of creativity, production, logistics and innovation.


We listen

We always opt for a personal approach. We listen carefully to your specific questions and requirements. And armed with that basic information, we get to work.


We present a proposal

Our proposals are both tailored and highly detailed. We talk with you and make adjustments. If you already have your own design, we’ll fine-tune it so that it fits perfectly into the overall project.


We produce

Once you’ve approved the design, we start production. Our people are highly trained, have an eye for the tiniest detail and always track every phase of production closely.


We check

Before any of our products leave the building, the graphics have to go through quality control. We’re not afraid to be critical about our own work and will also apply your strict standards to the letter.


We install

We fit the material ourselves or despatch it for delivery, with a detailed installation plan. And if you’d like us to manage the storage of your products so they can be delivered on a just-in-time basis, we can do that, too!