At Zenith Graphics, we excel in creativity and innovation. We also keep a close eye on developments in materials and machines. Then we test them to find out which technologies produce the best results. Only the best is good enough for us.

zenith Graphics License plates production

Aluminium printing and embossing

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. We print and emboss aluminium sheets to make number plates, decorative elements for cars, ADR plates, etc.; these parts are protected with polyurethane resin or varnish to last over time. Our technique also prevents counterfeiting of chassis plates.


We manufacture emblems and 3D parts by choosing the technique best suited to your needs in terms of finish, thickness, quantity, lead time, etc. The final part will be chrome-plated, coloured, matt or glossy, with or without embossing, and adhesive-coated. The technologies available are HFGraphics (High Frequency), KMX Graphics (Kromex), plastic injection or aluminium transformation.

Zenith Graphics Cutting


We use various cutting techniques depending on the materials, finishes and quantities required: mechanical cutting, digital cutting, robotised digital cutting, laser cutting, perforation, milling, slitting, etc.


We use the doming technique to coat the base material with a UV-resistant, non-yellowing, mercury-free polyurethane resin. This enables us to create embossed parts, protect them from external agents, resist abrasion and give them excellent durability over time.


We have all the printing technologies for your market: environmentally-friendly screen printing in solvent or UV inks on aluminium, PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, etc., up to 4.5m x 1.2m; digital solvent, UV and latex printing, also on reflective materials and aluminium; we adapt the ink used to the requirements of resistance to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, chemicals and ageing.


At Zenith Graphics we consider logistics to be an essential part of the service we deliver to our customers, so our building has a storage area for 800 pallets and 4 vertical storage towers with a capacity of several thousand different references, controlled by management software.