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Total visual systems and signage solutions for buildings

Zenith Graphics designs, produces and installs total visual systems and signage solutions for buildings: logos, pictograms, symbols, decoration, visuals and landmarks.

Our solutions

We devise graphic solutions for both the inside and outside of your building. And our total visual systems help with signage for logistics and safety. Get to know our digital solutions for indoor navigation and signage management.

Interior Signage

We create a pleasant living and working environment with total visual systems in hospitals, day clinics, nursing homes, businesses, retail outlets, shopping centres, government, education and hospitality establishments.

Exterior Signage

We also supply total visual systems, such as visuals, logos, landmarks and signage for the exterior of the widest possible range of buildings.

Logistics Signage

We manufacture and install logistics signage for warehouse and factory: complete signage, barcode marking of goods locations, safety pictograms and floor stickers.

Safety Signage

Official safety signage regulations must be in place in every building. We design, produce and install. From pictograms and symbols, to escape routes and evacuation plans.

Decorative Signage

Our decorative signage brings ambience, protection, identity and motivation to buildings where people work and live, making them feel more at home, better protected and more motivated.

Indoor Navigation Systems

We design, produce and supply navigation systems for use in buildings: stickers, signs, pictograms, signposts, direction-finding app and signage management software.