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Safety Signage

Make your building safe for employees, occupants and visitors. At Zenith Graphics, we make sure you get a complete safety signage solution that is in line with official regulations for every type of building.

Keeping everything safe

Official safety regulations are made to be followed to the letter. Make it easy on yourself and let us devise a tailor-made solution for you. We’ll prepare a study of what elements are needed for safety signage in your premises. Production and installation? We’ll take care of that, too.

For every type of building

Is your organisation building a new facility? Is the production site being modified? In any type of building, safety signage always needs to be up to scratch. At Zenith Graphics, you’ll find the appropriate visual solution.

Pictograms & symbols

Pictograms and symbols guide visitors and ensure their safety. Order, prohibition or danger? In a specific shape and colour? We make the signs in accordance with your demands.

Escape routes & evacuation plans

Clear escape and evacuation plans are essential for any business. Everyone must be able to understand the main instructions and the right direction to take on these plans, at a glance.