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Personalized License Plates

Belgian regulations allow you to drive around with a personalised license plate. Zenith Graphics also produces these ‘vanity plates’ from both the front and rear of vehicles.

Personalised car license plates

Want your own name, your company’s name or your make of car on your license plate? Not a problem – provide it has been approved by the DIV (Vehicle Registration Service).

Lots of experience

Zenith Graphics has been making customised license plates for a very long time. These include numbers 1 to 100 (for the royal family), A, E and P plates (for politicians) and B plates.

High quality guarantee

We are the official supplier of all Belgian rear license plates. Our personalised number plates are manufactured on the same production line. That’s your guarantee of the highest quality.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

Want license plates for your own car or simply as a great gift? You can order from our license plate shop and just one day later, the personalised license plate will be delivered to your home.