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Official License Plates

Zenith Graphics has been the official authorised Belgian supplier of rear license plates for cars, goods vehicles, motorcycles and other vehicles for more than 50 years.

Proprietary production process

We have developed a production process like no other and we manufacture number plates that meet the government’s strict quality standards.

Uniquely high quality

We are the only manufacturer in Europe to paint the number plate with both a primer and a finishing coat. We also protect the number plate with a varnish developed in-house.

Internal track-and-trace

We manufacture in a secure building. Each individual number plate is tracked throughout its production in our system. This comprehensive track-and-trace system means we can eliminate errors for all license plates.

Secure transport

We are able to produce up to 7,000 official number plates each day. Once they leave our factory, our external transport is managed under the watchful eye of security agents.