We design, produce and apply stickers for your machines. Tell us exactly what you want, such as colourfastness or just-in-time delivery. We’ll do the rest.

From design to production

If you’re a machine builder, machinery manager or agricultural organisation, you can also knock on our door. We’ll listen to your enquiry, come up with strong visual proposals and guarantee a powerful result that’s visually perfect.

Just-in-time delivery

You’ll always have stickers in stock, because we handle your inventory management and deliver just-in-time to your assembly line. Packed, labelled, in the right place, with accurate version management and always first in, first out.

In-house design

Our in-house design department can help you develop and create a consistent visual identity. And if you’d rather work with your own design, you’re free to supply a graphics file from which we will create a stunning visual result. 

New technologies, innovative stickers

Using the latest technologies, we’re always happy to propose innovative sticker systems that print with increasing quality and impressive sharpness.