Pictograms help people to understand information quickly and easily – no matter what language they speak. We specialise in pictograms that offer a high level of quality and long service life.

Work safety

Working safely is a priority. So, use pictograms and brief instructions to avoid danger and potential risks. This will benefit everyone’s safety on your company premises, out on construction sites and on the road.

Know your pictograms

Which pictograms should you be using? Be sure to check out international regulations or ask your trade association. Of course, we’ll also be happy to help you out.

Top-quality pictograms

At Zenith Graphics, you’ll find pictograms for every possible surface or medium. And because we produce them ourselves, we can guarantee a high level of quality and a long service life.

Replacing your pictograms?

That’s something you won’t have to think about for years. Zenith Graphics makes your pictograms so strong they’ll last for years. It’s time to replace them only when the style of the visuals looks outdated.