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Limited Edition Graphics

Is your brand releasing a ‘Limited Edition’ or ‘Anniversary’ series, or if you simply want to personalise a number of vehicles? Read on to see how we can help you.

Customised design proposals

What’s your plan and what are your requirements? Our design team is there to listen and propose various concepts geared to match your brand image and specific project.

Technical mastery

For Limited Edition Graphics, we use a combination of high-quality and totally up-to-date techniques. With our expertise, both the exterior and interior of your vehicles will have their very own look.

Tried and tested

Our products and innovations undergo extensive testing in our laboratory. They all meet the quality requirements of the major car manufacturers – and you won’t find more stringent and demanding customers!

Designed to your specifications

‘Limited’ says it all: the production run is limited in time and numbers. That’s why we tailor the choice of techniques to the production run you need, as well as to the expected lifetime of the series of vehicles.