Industries Rail Graphics Interiors of trains, trams and buses

Interiors of trains, trams and buses

The interiors of trains, trams and buses contain a surprising number of signs. Just think of all those pictograms, on the lavatory door for example, or by the emergency hammer or on the train doors themselves.

Stickers & aluminium plates

We design and manufacture stickers and aluminium plates. Always according to the transport company’s regulations for shape, material and colour.

Professional fitting

Our specialists place the stickers and plates according to high quality standards. This prevents them from becoming quickly damaged or even coming off.

Technique at their fingertips

Our in-house installation team carefully follows the instructions of both material manufacturer and transport company. They have every technique at their fingertips for fitting everything correctly, with an eye for detail and quality.


Anti-scratch & anti-graffiti

Our stickers and aluminium pictograms are protected from scratches and graffiti thanks to a special treatment. Intensive daily use? Don’t worry – they can take a beating.