Industries Rail Graphics Exteriors of trains, trams and buses

Exteriors of trains, trams and buses

Trains, trams and buses travel in all weathers, day and night. This means they need to be highly visible at all times. Ideally with stickers that remain intact for years, without the slightest discolouration.

Multifunctional stickers

We design, produce and fit stickers for the outside of trains, trams and buses. Not just large sticker areas, but also smaller functional and protective stickers.

Aluminium plates

On the outside of buses and train or tram carriages, you can often see aluminium plates featuring information about the vehicle. We also make and fit these plates with the greatest care.

Robust & colourfast

Our stickers for trains, trams and buses literally spend years on the road and have to endure all kinds of weather. This means that the colours need to stay intact and the whole thing must look robust and be clearly visible.

Protection against graffiti & scratches

A clean image starts with clean vehicles and carriages. That’s why we apply a protective coating to our material that resists graffiti and scratches.