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Chassis Plates

A chassis plate is needed to identify a machine or vehicle. That’s why we always pay great attention to producing these plates. And we make them from top quality materials, so you are always identifiable.

We design and manufacture

Looking for chassis plates that will last and last? We design chassis plates and produce them in the size and material you specify.

In a range of sizes

Do you want eye-catching chassis plates? Or do you prefer small ones that you attach discreetly to the underside of your machine or vehicle? No problem, we can handle any size.

In the material of your choice

Do you have a preference for the material? Do you want them in aluminium, stainless steel, polycarbonate, Plexiglas or maybe something else? Whatever you need, just ask us and we’ll make it.

With special finishes

Or do you need chassis plates with a special finish, such as engraved, lasered or printed? What about a self-adhesive backing or with holes? Not a problem, we can do that, too.