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Brand Dealer Graphics

Visibility is crucial for car dealerships. We design, produce and supply license plate holders and stickers for your garage. Everyone will know that it’s your name and logo.

License plate holders

Our license plate holders are specifically designed and 100% matched to the official Belgian license plates, which we also produce. The quality is always top-notch and your brand name will retain its brilliant appearance for years to come.


Thanks to the anti-vibration springs, our number plate holders last for years. Once they’re printed, we apply a protective layer of varnish. This makes the plate holders and the print resistant to UV rays and carwashes.

Personalised stickers

Are you a garage owner looking for stylish sticker solutions – whether that’s standard stickers, 3D resin-coated stickers or chrome logos? We’ll make them for you in the quantities you require.

Sticker packages

Do customers ask you to sticker a fleet of vehicles in their house style? We design, produce and deliver ready-made sticker packages. And with our clear instructions, your employees can apply them themselves.