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Automotive Parts & Graphics

We develop and produce decorative parts for interior and exterior in close cooperation with car manufacturers. Take a look below to see how we can help you.

Inside and outside the vehicle

We develop and produce items for both inside and outside the vehicle: sills, transparent protective parts, roof decoration, door pillars, side striping, emblems, mirror caps, etc.

Based on your brand specifications

Every single part is given a unique look that meets your brand specifications.  Tight deadline? You can always count on our unrivalled powers of production.

Strictest requirements

Working closely with car manufacturers, we develop products that meet the technical and quality specifications of each brand. All of which makes your brand outstanding.

People, power and materials

We put our every effort into your job, including with materials: we choose the most suitable ones for every job. And there’ll be no mistakes, because we have already tested everything thoroughly.