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Ambulance Graphics

We produce and apply the stickers for ambulances and other vehicles used for hospitals, fire service zones, ambulance manufacturers or vehicle converters – always totally in line with the latest legislation. Also for repairs and damage to bodywork.

Striping kits for ambulances

Zenith Graphics has developed a striping kit for ambulances and mobile response vehicles. Our stripes come in complete printed sheets, not in strips. This ensures a more robust and high-quality finish. And you won’t find this technique anywhere else.

Less wear and tear

Our stickers last a lot longer: there are no seams that are prone to wear and tear or can come off due to friction or high-pressure cleaning. Each sheet has a unique number, useful for repairs after damage.

High visibility striping kits

Zenith Graphics has developed striping kits in Battenburg, which is a pattern or marking of coloured blocks that provides high visibility for emergency vehicles.

Conversion Program

Need to convert an existing ambulance to new striping? No problem. Contact us and take advantage of our special conversion program.