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Visibility for
outstanding brands

Your industry, our expertise

Let your brand excel with world-class eye-catching and functional graphics. We are highly specialised in design, production and application. Including for your industry.

Machine Graphics

Make your brand’s machinery more worth. We’ll cover them expertly with logos and design elements. Plus our commitment to creativity and innovation.

Automotive Graphics

When it comes to international vehicle brands, we are the leading authority in the design and production of attractive and functional personalisation, identification and protection.

Fleet Graphics

Enjoy our precision in design, production and application. And watch us cover your fleet with superior quality stickers, right down to the last millimeter.

Building Graphics

Visual communication should be eye-catchingly practical. Our signage designs showcase your building and help guide visitor traffic right through to their destination.

Rail Graphics

Want to make trains, trams and infrastructure identifiable in a hi-tech way? We design, produce and apply great graphics that focus on total aesthetic consistency.

License Plates

The government sets the bar high. We have been the exclusive manufacturer of Belgium’s official number plates for more than half a century. High skill levels are our trademark.

Zenith Graphics is